Math-8 Class Rules and Procedures


    Mrs. Duncan


    CONFERENCE: 4th period 10:45-11:34

    SUPPLIES:   ***Please have all supplies in class by Monday, August 28**

    • 3 ring binder

    • zipper pouch

    • 5 dividers

    • notebook paper

    • pencils

    • red pens


    1.      Be in your seat ready to begin work before the bell rings or you will be counted as  tardy.

    2.     Bring all supplies to class everyday.

    3.     All assignments, tests, quizzes must be completed in pencil.

    4.     The bell doesn’t dismiss you; I do.  We will leave class after everyone is quiet.

    5.     Raise your hand and be recognized by me before speaking.

    6.     Respect everyone and everything around you.


    Enter the classroom with binder, pencil, notebook paper, red pen and library book every day, unless otherwise instructed.  READ THE BOARD as soon as you walk into the classroom.  Make sure that you pick up any and all supplies that you will need for the day. Sharpen your pencil if necessary, and place homework and red pen on your desk. Begin working on bellringer.  After going over the bellringer, we will grade the previous night’s homework, then begin a new assignment.  If you finish your assignment during the class period, you will read.  When the bell rings, I will dismiss you from class.  

    CALCULATORS:  We will use calculators in Math-8 class and on the 8th grade math STAAR this year.  This calculator will be checked out to you for in-class use only.  You may need to come to tutorials before or after school, to continue to use the calculator to finish any assignment not finished in class.   


    The notebook will hold all graded homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and notes.  You need to write down all notes that are discussed in class.  You are to keep ALL graded papers, tests, quizzes, notes organized, in their appropriate divider, and in order by date.  


    Assignments not finished in class will be considered homework.  All assignments must be done in pencil.  All work on computation problems must be shown, and answers only will not be accepted.  Failure to complete assignments is the #1 reason for ultimately failing my class.

    CORRECTIONS:  Any graded assignment with a grade below a 70% (other than a zero) can be corrected during the current six weeks for a maximum possible grade of a 70%.  There will be weekly due dates on when corrections must be turned in.  Do corrections (only the problems you missed) on a separate piece of notebook paper, staple to the FRONT of the original assignment, and turn in.


    Homework will be due and graded at the beginning of class each day.  Homework that is turned in later, within the class period, in between classes, the next day, etc. within the 6-weeks, will be considered late and will receive a maximum grade of 50%.  However, in order to counteract those few instances in which you may forget your homework, I will drop the 1 lowest daily grade at the end of the 6-weeks.  


    If you make a grade below a 70% (other than a zero) on a test, you can take a retake test.  You will be given three days, from the date the graded test is returned to you, to retake it.  The maximum possible grade given on a retake will be a 70%.

    EXTRA HELP!!!:  I am available for extra help almost every day before school starting at 7:40am and after school from 3:40-4:00pm.  DO NOT wait until your class period if you do not understand the previous day’s lesson.  I cannot help you while we are trying to grade an assignment.  You must make the time and effort if extra help is needed!!


    If problems arise in the classroom, I will meet with students, contact parents, and use the office when necessary to attempt to correct the problem.  Students should be in control of themselves at all times, and will be held responsible for their actions.  


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your absent work and turn in any assignment that was due the day that you were absent.  Absent work will be located in the absent folders in the front my classroom.  One day absent will result in one day from the day you return to school to absent the assignment.  Two days absent will result in two days, and etc.  If you are absent the day of a test/quiz, you must take it within one week before or after school.  Students are responsible for picking up, completing and returning absent work on time.


    I will give out progress reports every week. This will help you, and your parents, stay informed of your math grade so that there are no surprises come report card time.  Please make sure that these progress reports make it home as I know that parents will ask to see them.  The only progress reports that need to be signed for me will be the 3rd week progress reports each six weeks.


    The quickest and easiest way to contact me is by email.  If parents do not have email, I can also make phone contact on my conference period or after school.  Please do not hesitate to contact me!

    I am looking forward to getting to know you.  Thank you in advance for making this a successful year.   ~Christie Duncan

    Mrs. Duncan


    I have carefully read, understand, and will abide by the rules and procedures for Mrs. Duncan Math-8 class.  

    Please sign and return this portion to Mrs. Duncan by Monday, August 28.  Please keep the first page of this letter for your reference.

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