• Lesson Plans for 10/22-10/26
    Honors Band
    Monday - Cookie dough fundraiser kick-off for all classes.
    Tuesday - Review all fundamentals of tone production during warm-ups
                    Test today over Legato Etude - Part 1
                    Review all scales and audition music
                    Continue to work on music for pep rally
                    Students will be passing off their scales and audition music.  Students who have entered the all-district competitions must have their scales
                    and music passed off with a 90 or higher.
    Wednesday - Same lesson plan as Tuesday.
    Thursday -  Same lesson plan as Wednesday.
    Friday - Test over Legato Etude - Part 2
    Beginning Band
    Monday - Cookie dough fundraiser kick-off - Hand out practice records for the week.
    Tuesday - Review all notes learned to this date.  Continue to work on tone production, accuracy of notes and rhythms
    Wednesday - Same as Tuesday
    Thursday - Same as Wednesday - Introduce new note
    Friday - Practice records due today signed by parent.  Playing test today.
    Applied Music
    Monday - Worksheet/lesson over whole and half steps.  Worksheet on enharmonics
    Tuesday - Whole/Half steps and enharmonics
    Wednesday - Unit 6 test over whole/half steps
    Thursday - Begin working in Book 2 - tretachords/scales
    Friday - Book 2 - Unit 7