What is TMSCA?

    TMSCA (Texas Math and Science Association) is organized groups of students who compete in math and science events. There are 4 areas of competition in which the students (5th – 12th grade) are allowed to participate - Number Sense, Calculator, Mathematics, and Science. All students are allowed to compete in all areas he/she chooses as long as he/she is coming to practice and works on tests. TMSCA uses the same testing materials as UIL, but is not restricted to a 3 to 4 member team. The students must maintain passing grades and conduct grades of E’s or S’s in class. Good behavior is also required at the meets. Any student that does not respect the rules of the competition will not be allowed to compete at future meets.


    Number Sense – Number Sense is a math competition that requires the students to work math problems in their head. There are 80 problems and the students have 10 minutes to work as many problems as possible. The test are scored from problem number 1 to the last problem worked or attempted.  


    Calculator – Students will learn to work high level math problems using a scientific calculator. The number of calculators is limited, so only the top scoring students will be allowed to compete. There are 80 problems on the test. Grading is the same as Number Sense. 


    Science – Science is a test that consists of 50 multiple choice answers. Students that are STRONG in science will do best in this event. They are allowed to skip around on the test and answer only the questions they know. Problems skipped are not counted wrong. 


    Mathematics – A test of 50 multiple choice questions. The same rules apply as the science test. The students will be allowed to work out the problems on scratch paper.

    Students in grades 6-8 must make the qualifying score or higher at one of the state qualifiers to be eligible to participate in the state meet in San Antonio.  The date will be set at a later date for the state meet. The qualifying scores for 2017/2018 will be released in January.
                                         6th                   7th                   8th
    Number Sense                   
    Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday
    3:30-5:00pm (SIS campus)
    Upcoming Meets:
    Info coming soon.
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