1.    FOLLOW DIRECTIONS – Stop, Look and Listen: when told to FREEZE, when music stops, or when the whistle is blown.

    2.    Wear appropriate shoes.

    a.   Tennis shoes are recommended.  Appropriate shoes must have a non marking rubber sole and cover the entire foot.

    b.   If sandals, open back shoes, high heel shoes, or leather soled boots are worn to school, the student MUST BRING APPROPRIATE SHOES FOR PE.

    c.   Cleats are not allowed in PE.

    d.   Shoelaces must be laced snugly and tied on top of the shoe.   

    3.    Keep hands and feet to self.

    4.    Stay on task.


    Other Info:

    Girls must wear shorts under dresses.

    *******Anyone who is to have limited participation or who is not to participate in PE must have a written note from parent or guardian.  If the limitation in PE is to be a week or longer, please include a doctor’s note.  The note should include student name, teacher name, date, and a brief explanation of limitations.  If the child becomes ill at school, the nurse will excuse him/her from PE.




    1. Attitude, effort, and participation will make up the academic grade.  Behavior will make up the conduct grade.
    2. The following consequences will be used for disciplinary purposes:

    a.    Verbal reminder - reminder for the student to correct inappropriate behavior

    b.    In Class Timeout – isolation from activity that allows student to think of ways to handle inappropriate behavior.  During timeout, the student will move off to the side and count to 30. Second time out the student will move off to the side and count to 60. (Kindergarten will use the alphabet). On the 3rd time out the student will miss class and a note will be sent home.

    c.    Student/Teacher Conference

    d.    Parent Contact- if severe. Also if the student receives 3 or more marks for the week.

    e.    Office Referral


    Grading Scale:

    E = Excellent

    S = Satisfactory

    N = Needs to Improve- Note of concern sent home with child/phone call to notify parent

    U = Unacceptable