• Primary Movement

    This is the GT 2nd Gr. Class Project.  Students will be:

    Studying many facets of fitness


    Inventing a machine that will incorporate exercise into a mode of transportation. 
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  • Utopian Destination

    3rd Gr GT Project: Utopian Destination

     The students will be:

    analyzing the characteristics of a city 

    researching the history of Springtown
    creating and building a city (Properties will include: physical, political and social)
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  • 4th Grade Innovation Celebration

    Students will meet these goals in their explorations:
      Develop the essential skills of logical thinking, creative problem solving, intellectual risk taking, and comunication.
      Make connections across disciplines
      Identify a need
      Create an original idea or object that satisfies a need or addresses a problem
      Investigate whether or not the innovation already exists
      Test the innovation, make modifications, and draw conslusions
      Keep records and document progress
      Relate scientific methods to real life, including ethics
      Identify criteria for an innovation and tell how the innovation meets them
      Generalize about innovators and the creative process
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