Logging into your google account: 
       - go to google.com
       - click the box filled with 9 squares in the top right hand side of the screen
       - click the google drive icon (triangle image)  Drive logo
        - last two digits of your graduation year, first name, last name, @springtownisd.us
        -EXAMPLE:   16smithjohn@springtownisd.us
    This allows students to now have e-mail access with their google accounts.  
    Some benefits to this:
    1)  An e-mail address that will NEVER change for the students.  As high school, college, and jobs come and go, this e-mail address will be with them as long as they want to use it.
    2)  A google drive account that has NO QUOTA.  Literally, you can put as much data into the drive as you want.  Of course, this is all predicated by the ISD’s acceptable use policy governing students and employees.
    3)  A way to communicate between student/teacher that not only protects the duo (with archiving, etc), but also will circumvent the spam filter.  There seems to be a built in trust between the .us and .net e-mail accounts.  So if you e-mail me from your .us account, it should not go to my spam filter…I should receive it immediately.
    4) You can access your google drive from ANY device with internet access so you always have your stuff :)