• 2016 – 2017 World Geography Syllabus   

    Coach Tannreuther

    DTannreuther@Springtownisd.net - Room 126


    Course Description:

    The scope of this course will include physical, economic, environmental, and cultural geography. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the impact that geography has on the social, cultural, and economic life of a region. We will also evaluate the uses, abuses, and preservation of natural resources and the physical environment.


    Teaching Procedures:

    Class Discussion, Independent Study, Guided Practice, Multi-Media Presentations, Group Study, Student created presentations or products, Thinking Maps, We will use various forms of peer collaboration activities to keep students engaged in throughout the year.



    • Composition Notebook / Spiral Notebook – Brought everyday (May be kept in class.)
    • Technology: We will have school issued tablets available or computers when the lesson plans dictate, personal technology devices may be used at the discretion of the teacher.
    • Pens/ Pencils,  Map Pencils,


    Grading Policy:

      • Tests/Projects (Summative) 50%
      • Quizzes/Daily/Homework (Formative) 50%

    When projects are assigned a rubric will be provided or explained in order to give students a clear understanding of their teacher’s expectations regarding the assessment.


    Late Work/Absence Policy:

    Work is expected to be turned in, on or before the due date. Work submitted one class period after the due date may be deducted 10 points.  Work two or more days late will get a 10 point deduction per day.


    Tardy Policy:

    Be in YOUR seat when the tardy bell rings with materials ready or you will be at risk of being counted tardy.


    Classroom Rules:

    • Be punctual and be prepared
    • Do not keep me from teaching
    • Do not keep anyone from learning
    • Be respectful of yourself, the instructor and all property in the classroom
    • We will default to the SISD Handbook for anything else not mentioned



    First offense – Verbal Warning

    Second Offense – Teacher Conference and or Parental contact

    Third Offense – Disciplinary Referral

    *This last measure is also used for emergency situations and insubordination to a substitute.