• Speech Analysis & Schedule

    Springfield, Fall 2016

     Writing #1, English IV

    Synopsis of Task

    Analysis is a part of all academic areas in the university.  For this speech analysis, you are required to analyze one to two literary elements from Winston Churchill’s May 19, 1940 wartime speech, also known as “Be Ye Men of Valor.”  For instance, you may write about its rhetorical devices, author’s purpose, etc.


    This paper will be 1-1½ pages, typed, double spaced, utilizing 12 point, Times New Roman font with one inch margins.  You are required to turn in a final copy, rough draft, and peer review sheet.


    You are writing for an academic audience who expects an informative paper that utilizes formal language as well as makes clear, concise, and logical points.

    Evaluation Criteria

    I will evaluate your paper on these areas:

    1. Development:
      1. Does the paper consistently focus on the analysis of the speech and make coherent, logical, defensible set of claims?
      2. Does it offer a convincing analysis?
      3. Does it anticipate well enough the needs of the reader?
    2. Organization:
      1. Utilize a title that previews the paper’s contents?
      2. Follow an organizational pattern by using clear, direct topic sentences?
      3. Have paragraph divisions that make reading logical and easy?
      4. Does it utilize transitional devices?
    3. Style:
      1. Maintain a consistent point of view (uses 3rd person)?
      2. Maintain sentences that are free of excess words and excess sentence stops?
    4. Mechanics:
      1. Problems in spelling?
      2. Problems in sentence construction?
      3. Problems in usage?
      4. Problems in punctuation?

    You will upload your paper to turnitin.com and provide a hard copy of your paper, including a final copy, rough draft, and peer review.

    I will be available before and after school to visit with you about your rough draft.  If you need me to meet with you after 4:00 P.M., you will need to make an appointment with me.

    Tentative Schedule

    Wednesday, October 12

                Assignment sheet and notes

    Thursday, October 13


    Friday, October  14

                Draft; half page rough draft due

    Monday, October 15


    Tuesday, October 16

                Draft /revise; completed rough draft due

    Wednesday, October 19

                Print paper and perform a peer review

    Thursday, October 20

    GAL II – make final revisions, submit paper online, and turn in final copy, rough draft, and peer review sheet.


    A FEW Types Literary Devices…


    metaphor          imagery             personification


                                                          author’s purpose                author’s tone             syntax


    author’s method of persuasion – ethos, pathos, logos


    parallelism         rhetorical questions   punctuation for emphasis


    repetition          diction      rhetoric            alliteration