Classroom Expectations:

    • Take responsibility for your own actions.
    • Be kind and respectful to yourself, peers, teacher and the classroom.
    • Arrive to class on time, begin daily bell activity and be ready to learn.
    • Come prepared with required materials each day.
    • Complete assignments and turn in work on time.
    • Stay on task and don’t be distraction to others.

    Students will be:

    • Prompt
    • Prepared
    • Productive
    • Polite
    • Patient

    Discipline Action:

              1st Offense- Warning/Conference with Student

              2nd Offense- Parent Contact

              3rd Offense- Problem Solving/Parent Contact

              4th Offense- Parent/Teacher Conference

              5th Offense- Office Referral

              **Any extreme offense will be immediate office referral


    Cell Phone Policy:

    Cell Phones will not be allowed in my classroom. If I see a cell phone, I will confiscate it and take it to the office. A parent/guardian will then have to pick up from the office and will be charged a fee. If caught with a phone during an exam, the phone and test will be taken up and student will receive a ZERO.


    Bathroom/Hall Pass Policy:

    Each student will be given 2 bathroom passes for each 6 weeks in case of emergencies, and once used- there will be no leaving the classroom. It is your responsibility to come prepared and on time to class ready to learn.


    Tardy Policy:

    Students will need a tardy slip or a signed pass from another teacher to enter the classroom if the bell has already rang.