• English III & English IV
    2016-17 Class Requirements & Policies

    1.  If you are not sitting in your seat when the bell rings you are counted tardy.

    2.  Students may not leave the classroom during class for any reason or they will be given a tardy.

    3. No food or drink of any kind is permitted except plain water in a plain water bottle.

    4.  Students will be given # of days absent + 1 extra day to complete assignments when they are absent, according to school policy.  After that the work WILL NOT be accepted you will be given a “0”.

    5. Students must get make-up work on the day after they are absent and must come to me and ask for it.  You will receive a “0” for work not made-up within this time frame.

    6.  Late work is not accepted.  You will receive a “0”.

    7. Students should bring supplies to class every day.  This includes writing tool, red pen, and regular ruled paper.  I will count 10 points off of the day’s assignment if I have to give you supplies.

    8.   Work may not be done in red, orange, or pink ink.  All other colors are acceptable or black leaded pencil.

    9. Cell phones are not permitted unless specified by me for specific assignments. They should be kept in your backpack and are specifically not allowed to rest on your desk. 

    10. Be responsible, always try, do your best, cooperate with others, treat everyone with respect (including yourself), and turn work in on time.