Hannah Adams

    High School Biology


    Email: hadams@springtownisd.net

    Conference time:  10:42-11:30 AM


    When sending an e-mail to me the first time, it will go to a Spam folder. I check this daily. Please put something in the subject heading that will get my attention, such as your child’s name. Once I send you a return e-mail, your messages will come directly into my school mailbox. 



    1. There will be a minimum of 12 grades taken per six weeks.
    2. Major grades (tests and projects) account for 50% of each six weeks grade.
    3. Minor grades (homework, quizzes, labs, daily work) account for 50% of each six weeks grade.
    4. Test may be retaken (for a maximum grade of 70%) within 3 days of the grade posting to Skyward, regardless of when the test is handed back to you. You must sign up to do a retake!
    5. Projects…
      1. “Alternative Assignments” are not available for projects.
      2. will not be accepted late.
      3. cannot be re-done!
    6. Progress Reports will be handed out to every student at the 3-week point of each six weeks. Students with averages 75 and below must return them signed by a parent/guardian.
    7. SKYWARD:  Parents/guardians/students may check their academic progress at any time using our web portal (Skyward Family Access) which can be found at www.springtownisd.net. If you do not have an access code, please pick up the paperwork in the office to obtain one.


    Manage your time wisely…NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!

                   Students will be allowed to turn in late work according to the following rules only:
                         - he/she may turn in assignment ONE day late for a maximum grade of a 70
                         - after that, any and ALL work not finished and turned in on time will be a ZERO
    Be sure to take care of your make up work…YOU will be expected to check on your make up work when absent.
          If you are absent, you need to ask me about make-up work the day you get back. There will be a folder with the assignments for each day.
          Generally, you will have one day for each day you are absent to make up work as outlined by school policy.
           If you miss a test or a lab, it is YOUR responsibility to talk with me, at an appropriate time, to discuss a time that the assignment will be made up.  Failure to make up the assignment will result in a zero.
          It may be necessary for you to come in before, or after school, in order to make up a test or a lab.
    Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to:
       - Respect yourself and others
       - Be prepared for class
       - Be responsible for  your actions

       - verbal warning
       - student conference
       - discipline report (parent phone call most likely)
       * severe disruptions: send immediately to the office




    Supplies Students will need the following supplies for this class:
       - pencil/pen
       - one three ring binder
       - paper