• General Class Information


    General Class Information for: Biology and Pre AP Biology

    Curtis Carter/ Rm. 231


    You can contact me via the phone; (817) 220-3888 or, E-mail; ccarter@springtownisd.net


    When sending an e-mail to me the first time, it will go to a Spam folder. I check this daily. Please put something in the subject heading that will get my attention, such as your child’s name, or the term “biology”. Once I send you a return e-mail, your messages will come directly into my school mailbox. 


    Please use the district website to monitor school events and activities. Also, each teacher has a web page that will assist you. With the web page; view lessons, notes, schedules, a school calendar, and links to various other websites and resources.

    The district website is; www.springtownisd.net


    Grading Procedures


    1) Daily Work accounts for 50% of your grade. (Includes worksheets, book work, quizzes,

                     lab work, and Warm-Ups.)


    1. A) Warm Ups - I will have a warm-up activity on the overhead or board every day when

            you come to class. Begin working on this as soon as the tardy bell rings. These will

            be turned in each Friday.


    1. B) Lab Work - Includes pre-labs, lab participation, data obtained, and/ or lab write­-ups.


    1. C) Quizzes will be given periodically. Often, they will be unannounced. They will maycover material from an independent reading assignment or material that has been  discussed in class.  


    1. D) Late Work- Work is considered late if not turned in on the due date. You will receive a Late-work coupon at the beginning of each Six-Weeks period. In order to receive credit for a late assignment, the coupon is to be stapled to the late assignment when it is tur
    2. One late assignment will be accepted each Six-Weeks period at 70% of the original grade.


        2) Tests account for 50% of your grade. Generally, there will be 3 tests per six weeks questions may come from previous quizzes,                              lab activities, lectures, notes, daily assignments and/ or reading assignments.


         3) Semester Exam: Semester exams questions will come from previous chapter tests and six-week tests.                          

                These are used as a review for the semester exam.    All tests will have been returned, and corrected in class by this time.


    Food and Drinks - Because we are in a lab room, food and drinks are prohibited. Students may  drink bottled water, except during lab                                         activities for which there may be safety concerns.


    Cell Phone Policy- Cell phones and other electronic devices are to be turned off unless the  student has expressed permission from me to have                                it on. If a cell phone is on without permission, even if it is in silent mode, it will be collected and  sent to the office.

     Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to:


    • be in your seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
    • bring all supplies every day.
    • use appropriate language, have a positive attitude and be polite.
    • behave in a mature and responsible manner
    • follow the rules set forth in the Student Code of Conduct
    • follow instructor’s directions.



    Supplies Students will need the following supplies for this class.


    • Pencil and blue or black ink pen- assignments that are turned in with other colors will not be graded until they are corrected.
    • One 3 ring notebook (1 or 1 ½ inch is best)
    • Notebook dividers; 1- Daily work, 2- Notes, 3- Reviews, 4- Tests
    • Notebook paper (white or recycled)- assignments that are turned in with other colors will not be graded until they are corrected.


    Recommended, but not required


    • pencil sharpener
    • pencil bag
    • highlighter
    • 1 pk. of colored pencils (12 count)


    * In addition the above items, we are in dire need of two  paper products each year.

      Invariably, we will run out of tissue at the height of the cold and flu season, and run out of

      paper towels as soon as dissections begin. Please bring a roll of paper towels and/ or a 

      box of tissue for our class.     


    Make-Up Work


    • If you are absent, you need to ask me about make-up work the day you get back. There will be a folder with the assignments for each day. You will pull your absentee work from the appropriate folder(s).
    • Generally, you will have one day for each day you are absent to make up work

                as outlined by school policy.

    • If you miss a test or a lab, it is your responsibility to talk with me, at an appropriate time, to discuss a time that the assignment will be made up.

               Failure to make up the assignment will result in a zero.

    • It may be necessary for you to come in before, or after school, in order to make up a test or a lab.



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