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    Welcome to the Springtown Elementary website!   

    The school day is from 7:45 to 3:20.
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    Field Day was awesome!!



    field day

    The PALS from the HS helped with the events.

    field day   field day

    And yes they were getting wet!


    field day

    field day

    field day   field day

    field day   field day

    field day


    field day

    field day

    field day   field day

    field day   field day

    field day   field day

    field day   field day











    An awesome time was had by all.  Thank you Mrs. Pennington for putting this day together!


    If you have any more pictures I will add them to our collection.






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    Springtown Elementary School is providing your students access to myON, a personalized collection of more than 5,700 digital books to read over the summer on computers, laptops, and other devices anytime, anyplace while on the go,  absolutely FREE!!   Click the myON picture above.
    SES highlights a different character trait each six weeks.
    The sixth six weeks we will highlight the character trait, Citizenship. 
    Kindergarten wore the most purple and they were able to sign the Citizenship banner by the office. 
    bucket filler
     We are a bucket filling school.
    Each six weeks we have new bucket fillers.
    These are our bucket fillers that showed "Fairness". 


    These students were selected for being FAIR!!




    Miguel Munoz

    Hailey Green

    Rhep Rogers

    Liam Rosamond



    Shay Smith

    Madison Ryburn

    Mason Wilson

    John Casey Alexander

    Sabastian Featherly

    Jayden Armstrong



    Adeline Tabarez

    Faith Rodriguez

    Jerryah Clary

    Connor Hutchinson

    Kyra Parnell

    Lindsay High



    Chloe Murrell

    Brooklyn Leavell

    Paisley Garrett

    Hadley Slocum

    Jade Shivers



    Keithan Spikes

    Jurvan Gutierrez

    Colton Langeberg

    Katie Bryan

    Peyton Bening

    Ethan Anttila



    Peyton Wecker

    Hayden Lanier

    Ethan Whitehead

    Braydon Arnold

    Colton Phelps



    Check out our calendar.  Lots of great things are happening at SES! 

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     The tardy bell rings at 7:45 If your child is eating breakfast please help them be at school in plenty of time to eat breakfast and be in their classroom before the tardy bell.
    We are always looking for more volunteers. Check in the office for more information.
    Phone number 817-220-2498 

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