Hello Reno Rocket Mathematicians!

    My name is Chera Harrison.  I am the math curriculum specialist at Reno Elementary.  I want to share some home resources and information about our math program to help your child succeed in math.

     WIN Groups:

    All K-4 students will participate in a WIN (what I need) math group. Students work in small groups on their individual needs during this time.   


    Math Facts:

    Our goal is for all students to master automaticity of math facts.  Our district has set the following benchmarks for students. 

    1st Grade: Facts up to 9+9 
    2nd Grade: Facts up to 9+9;9-9 
    3rd Grade: Facts up to 9-9; 9 x 9 
    4th Grade: Facts up to 9 x 9; 9÷9
    Big Brainz  will be used as a tool to measure fact mastery.  Students can practice this program at home. Follow this link to login Big Brainz - Imagine Math Facts


    KHAN Academy: 

    This website provides grade level video lessons and practice. You can visit this site and create your own account for your child. If you do create an account please add me as a coach. 

    Kindergarten-2 classes please use this Class code: ADB6Y8
    3rd grade classes use this Class code: GU2UP4
    4th grade Class code: VBCREB 

    Most important: Your reaction to math is “key” to your child's attitude towards math. Please, even if it's not your favorite, show excitement towards math and make it fun!

    Thank you for helping us, help your student by practicing math at home!


    Mrs. Harrison