• Spring 2018 Final Exam Exemption Guidelines


    1.  Students who have earned exemptions are expected to be in attendance and must be at school.  Students cannot miss school and still legally be counted present.   Students may be released at 11:05 AM on May 22nd-24th if they are exempted from those scheduled exams.  Those students that are required to take exams may be released after their last exam of the day, provided they are in attendance until 11:05 AM.  Students MUST stay in their assigned testing rooms for the duration of the period.


    2.  Exemptions will be granted on a per class basis.  Based on attendance and grade average, students may be exempted from taking their Final Exam(s) in YEAR LONG courses if the following criteria are met:

    a. “C” average for the entire course and only 2 absences for the school year

    b. “B” average for the entire course and only 4 absences for the school year

    c. “A” average for the entire course and only 6 absences for the school year


    3.  On the day of exams, exempt students may:

    a. Stay in their respective classroom during the test, or

    b. Go to a monitored area (TBA—gym/cafeteria/auditorium--depending on the day and period) before the tardy bell.  Students who choose to stay on campus must remain in the monitored area for the duration of the period.  There will be no coming and going.  Students will check in with their assigned teacher, and then proceed to the monitored area.


    4.  Exemption from a course’s Final Exam is not granted to a student if he/she has failed the course in any six week period, has an unexcused absence in the course, has been in ISS during the course and period being tested, placed on Home Suspension at any time during the school year, or has been required to attend our DAEP at any time during the school year.


    5.  Students who fail to take their Final Exam will receive a zero for the exam until they make it up.  Students receiving an unexcused absence on the day of the test will receive a 30% reduction in the test grade if it is completed later. 


    6.  There are no exemptions for semester courses.



    However, those classes comprised of mixed grade levels (with seniors), may test on the Early Senior Exam Dates.  Testing outside of the assigned time slot creates problems for your peers and will only be considered for extreme circumstances (i.e. a Dual Credit course, previously scheduled surgery, jury duty, etc.).