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Mrs. Thompson

Phone: (817) 220-2498


Degrees and Certifications:

Stephen F. Austin State University

Mrs. Thompson

My name is Lynsie Thompson and I will be your childs teacher for the
2017/2018 school year. Over the past 10 years, I have had experience in working with a
variety of exceptional learners of various abilities. I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State
University in 2007 and am currently working towards a Masters in Education with a
concentration in Autism. I believe that the foundation of a successful learner lies within the
shared responsibilities of families and educators. Teamwork makes the dream work!
Enclosed you will find a school supply list as well as a Student Info page. Any information
you provide will be helpful! When selecting school supplies, I am not particular about folder
colors. Get the colors/themes/characters that your student is excited about :)
This year, I will be sending home daily communications in your student’s binder. Please
check it daily for an overview of the day as well as any important notes from me.
Below is a list of things that you can do to help your child be successful this year:
-Prepare your student for the day and week. If you know that there are going to be
changes in routines or schedules, give your students a warning ahead of time. Talk about
morning routines, after school routines, etc.
-Read together daily. 10-15 minutes of daily reading helps your student develop reading,
listening, comprehension and attention skills as well as encourages an active imagination.
You can read to your student, take turns reading or have your student read to you.
Whatever works best! Find a good book and dive in! I recommend finding a good book series
and reading a chapter a day :)
-Talk to your student about their day. Talk about the things they enjoyed, activities they
participated in, who they played with, what they ate, how they felt, etc.
I am looking forward to a great year of fun and learning! Please do not hesitate to get a
hold of me about any questions or concerns you may have.