Welcome! My name is Jennifer Hughes.
    I facilitate our main computer lab that your child attends twice a week.  I am also privileged to work with the students in our Olympus Program.
    My goal when I assist children in the computer lab is to guide them as they explore and learn the basic skills needed to successfully and responsibility operate a computer.
    Skills such as:
    • proper use of technology equipment
    • opening, saving, and printing files
    • proper keyboarding skills
    • safe internet browsing
    • basic research skills
    • properly signing in/out of personal accounts
    • basic use of Google tools such as:
      • docs
      • slides
      • drawing
      • email
    These basic skills will assist your child as they continue their educational career.
    Beyond that I provide your child with the opportunity to learn coding skills.  These are skills that will help your child excel when they enter the workforce, no matter their career choice.


     Lesson Plans

    Jennifer Hughes
    Motto: Reaching and Exploring New Opportunities
    Mission: Provide a safe place in which students are equipped with the skills necessary to become productive citizens in a global society.