NHS offers new opportunities to serve our school, community and place of worship.  If  you were not at the last meeting, see Mrs. Haugen about the agenda!!!

    Twenty hours are the minimum requirement per semester and more are great.  Community service hours help to determine the NHS Volunteer of the Year.
    Chapter Regulations

    All chapters are governed by the national NHS constitution.  Local needs and conditions are addressed through the chapter bylaws.

    The NHS constitution provides eligibility for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Freshmen are not eligible for NHS membership.

    Active members must maintain the standards by which they were selected and meet obligations as determined by the chapter bylaws.

    Guidelines for Selection

    The constitution provides clear guidelines for selecting members.  Selection is based on four criteria:  scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  To fulfill the scholarship requirement, students must have a cumulative scholastic average of 95.

    All SHS students in 10th and 11th grade with a 95.0 cumulative scholastic average are given the activity form for completion.  This paper must be returned by a stated deadline for any further consideration for membership.  The activity forms are given to the Faculty Council by the chapter sponsor along with the recommendations of other interested faculty members.

    Selection to the National Honor Society is a privilege bestowed upon students by the Faculty of the school, and not considered a right inherent to any student.  Students do not apply for membership.  If a student has a 95.0 GPA at the time of selection, then an invitation will be given to the student requesting additional information from the student.  Membership is granted only to those students selected by the Faculty Council on the condition of their having met the standards for selection based on scholarship, leadership, service and character.  Students who are selected as inductees for NHS will be given an official letter of congratulations.  Inductees will attend a ceremony for the actual induction into membership of the National Honor Society.

    Failure to attend the induction ceremony negates membership.  Once a member is removed for any reason, the member has a week to make an appointment to appeal to the Faculty Council.  This selection is an honor and not a right. 


    Lucinda Haugen