• Springtown ISD Maintenance

    "Attending to detail helps us reach our full potential."

    Located next to Springtown Intermediate School
  • Environmental Services
    Environmental Services is comprised of three areas: Custodial, Energy Management, and Maintenance & Grounds.

    The Environmental Services Team is a highly motivated skilled group of professionals who create a safe, functional, and clean environment favorable to learning, which will enable all stakeholders to achieve maximum performance at SISD.

    Custodial Department: 
    Custodial services for schools and support buildings including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, waxing, sanitizing, trash removal, site inspections, furniture moves within building/school and furniture moves between schools when school is not in session.

    Energy Management Department:
    Energy Management develops and implements energy resource strategies that increase conservation awareness from students, staff, and community, thereby minimizing total energy costs and allowing funds to be redirected to the educational needs of our students.

    Maintenance & Grounds Department:
    Maintenance Dept: Maintenance and repair of schools and support buildings including the building structure itself (walls, flooring, roofing, etc.) and the building’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and alarm systems. Moving furniture and equipment between buildings/schools when school is in session.
    Grounds Department: Maintenance of schools, support buildings and athletic facilities grounds including mowing, trimming, pruning, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, playground inspections and maintenance, trash removal and site inspections.
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    For any maintenance issues

    Phone 817-475-3345


    Maintenance Request: SchoolDude