• Springtown ISD's Board of Trustees called a $41M bond election for November 2nd, 2021 to accommodate for significant growth in the District.  Details regarding the proposal and the data behind it are found below.


    Click on the picture below to see an animation of our proposed new elementary campus 

    Proposed New Elementary


    Springtown ISD's enrollment has grown rapidly in the last twelve months, with schedules developed for as many as 4000 students in the days before school began.  Once the year began, the District's actual enrollment was over 3900...more than 10% higher than in August of 2020.

     August Enrollment



    As more people move to the area, Springtown ISD's tax base has grown.  The addition of new homes, businesses, and students has enabled the District to lower our taxpayers' "total school tax rate" by more than 30 cents over the last eight years.     

    Tax Rate History B


    Stakeholders may remember the failed May 2021 bond proposal included the same construction projects that would add capacity to our secondary campuses and construct a new elementary campus.  The proposal included an estimated I&S tax rate increase of over 12 cents above the $1.244 total tax rate established in 2020.  Voters understood the ISD's resulting total tax rate could have risen to as high as $1.36 had the bond been approved.  

    Extending the trend lines of the last eight years, SISD's total tax rate was reduced as the tax base grew.  After receiving "Certified Values" from the Parker County Appraisal District in July of 2020, our Trustees voted to lower the District's total tax rate by 10.1 cents to $1.143 for 2021.  If passed, the November 2021 bond proposal would increase the total tax rate to approximately $1.25, (about a half-cent more than the District's 2020 total tax rate).


    The November 2021 Bond Election Order can be found below: 

    Bond Election Order (Fall 2021)- English

    Bond Election Order (Fall 2021)- Spanish



    The November 2021 proposal includes plans for a new elementary campus north of Hwy 199 on the east side of Williams-Ward Road and south of Springfield Road.  The proposal also includes plans to add capacity to Springtown Intermediate, Springtown Middle School, and Springtown High School.  Links to each plan are found on the top-left of this site, as well as through the link(s) below:

    Proposed District-wide Improvements (maps/drawings)


    Proposed new elementary (southeast of Springfield Road/Williams-Ward intersection on east side of Springtown)


    Proposed addition to SIS



    Proposed addition to SMS 



    Proposed addition to SHS