Board of Trustees 


    The Springtown Independent School District Board of Trustees normally meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Meeting agendas are posted at the Administration Building, 301 East 5th Street, and on the school website. The public is encouraged to attend.

    The Board of Trustees welcomes the advice and counsel of citizens in planning and operating the schools, although final responsibillity and decisions remain with the elected School Board members.
    School Board members are guardians of the public trust, and through the policies they make are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of local public education. This resposibility often entails difficult choices, self-sacrifice, and exposure to public criticism. However, it also brings a great deal of personal satisfaction in sharing with parents, staff, and students their academic successes.
    This crucial responsibility and the closeness of trustees to the voters make their local school board the purest example of democracy our society presents.

Board Operating Guidelines

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