Title I Part A Program

    Springtown Elementary School


    Quick Reference Guide

    for Staff, Parents and Students





    SES: Students

    Exemplifying Success




    Quick Look at Title I Part A Program

    • Formerly called Chapter 1, began as “Head Start” Program; provides financial support to schools


    • Purpose is for students to have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and to master state academic standards (TEKS) and state assessments (TAKS/STAAR)


    • Not all SISD campuses are eligible to be Title I; free and reduced lunch count is used to determine which campuses can be Title I campuses


    • Brings additional funding from United States Department of Education to the campus; more important now than ever


    • Funds must supplement reading, math and other core subject instruction


    • Two types of Title I schools: “Schoolwide” and “Targeted Assisted”


    • SES is a Title I Schoolwide campus, which allows every student and all teachers and instructional aides to be eligible to benefit from Title I resources


    • Title I program information and supplemental academic strategies must be in campus improvement plan


    • Parents are partners in the student’s education; School Parent Compact encourages this partnership


    • Federal accountability in addition to state accountability


    • Sanctions for not meeting accountability two years in a row, in same content area and same sub-group     



     SES: Students Exemplifying Success 










    SES Strategies to Increase Student Achievement

    • Salaries for five Instructional Assistants
    • Salary for a Parent Liaison

    •  Renaissance Learning Supplemental Reading Program             
    • Renaissance Learning Supplemental Math Program  


    • Partnership and communication with parents                                                             


    • Other




    What Can Teachers Do to Improve Learning at SES?


    • Use highly effective teaching methods and strategies


    • Participate in reviewing student and school data; campus plan review; and campus planning


    • Stay focused on improvement


    • Actively participate in professional learning and implement those strategies to increase student learning


    • Utilize campus resources, share successful methods and strategies, benefit from more experienced staff member


    • Other


     What Can Parents Do to Improve Learning at SES?  


    • Have student at school every day, on time, having had breakfast and sufficient sleep


    • Participate in Title I and other parent meetings on campus                     


    • Read, sign and utilize SES School Parent Compact


    • Talk to student’s teachers about achievement and assessments


    • Monitor and discuss homework with student

    • Keep open communication between home and school


    •  Other                                                           








    Springtown Elementary School

    416 E. 3rd Street

    Springtown Texas 76082


    817.523.4094 FAX

    Pearl Russell, Principal

    Angela Kraus, Asst. Principal

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