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    Quick Reference Guide

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    SES: Students

    Exemplifying Success




    Quick Look at Title I Part A Program


    Formerly called Chapter 1, began as “Head Start:

    Program, provides financial support to schools.


    • Purpose is for students to have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and to master state academic standards (TEKS) and state assessments (STAAR and TELPAS).


    • Not all SISD campuses are eligible to be Title I; free and reduced lunch count is used to determine which campuses can be a Title I campus. (SES rate is 65%.)


    • Brings additional funding from the United States Department of Education to the campus.


    • Funds must supplement reading, math, and other core subjects.


    • SES is a Title I Schoolwide campus, which allows every student and all teachers and instructional aides to be eligible to benefit from Title I resources.


    • Title I program information and supplemental academic strategies must be in the campus improvement plan.


    • Parents are partners in the student’s education; School Parent Compact encourages this partnership. These are discussed during the beginning of the year parent conferences.


    • There is federal and state accountability.


    • There are sanctions for not making progress two years in a row, in the same content area and same sub-group.


    SES Strategies to Increase Student Achievement

    1. Salaries for three certified interventionists (Reading/Math/ Bilingual)
    2. Salary for a Parent Liaison
    3. Amplify/mClass Supplemental Reading Program
    4. NWEA/ DreamBox  Supplemental Math Program
    5. Partnership and communication with parents
    6. Other


    What Can Teachers Do to Improve Learning at SES?

    1. Use highly effective teaching strategies and methods.
    2. Participate in reviewing student and school data, campus plan review, and campus planning.
    3. Stay focused on improvement.
    4. Actively participate in professional learning and implement those strategies to increase student learning.
    5. Utilize campus resources, share successful methods and strategies, benefit from more experienced staff members.


    What Can Parents Do to Improve Learning at SES?

    1. Have students at school every day, on time, having had sufficient sleep and not leave early during the day.
    2. Participate in Title I and other parent meetings’
    3. Read, sign, and utilize SES School Parent Compact.
    4. Talk to student’s teachers about achievement
    5. Monitor and discuss work with student.
    6. Keep open communication between home and school.



    SES: Students Exemplifying Success









    Springtown Elementary School

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    817.523.4094 FAX

    Pearl Russell, Principal

    Amberlie Thomas, Asst. Principal

    Vanessa Shackelford, Counselor

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