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Work in Mrs. Martinez' Room

  • Students coming to see the Reading Specialist at Springtown Elementary will be working in Fountas & Pinnell's Leveled Literacy Intervention program or LLI.  LLI is a small-group, supplementary intervention designed for children who find reading and writing difficult.   The goal of the intervention program is to bring children to grade level achievement as quickly as possible.  Of course, the speed at which students meet grade level achievement varies and is dependent on several factors. 

    One important influencing factor is home to school communication and involvement.  Students who struggle in reading will come work in LLI at least 120 minutes per week.  A typical lesson involves word work, reading and discussing a text, and/or writing about a text.  At the end of each lesson, the student is given a short homework assignment (approximately 10 minutes to complete) along with a letter to the parent explaining what was done in LLI that day as well as what can be done at home to support and supplement our work here.  Students also bring home a copy of the books we are reading to practice reading to their families at home.  It is important, particularly for struggling readers, for students to read for a short time (approximately 20 minutes) each night to support their reading development. 

    If your child is working in LLI and you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone or email.  I am happy to talk with you regarding your child's reading development!