• Nextlink and Springtown ISD are providing limited Internet access from several of the District's parking lots.  The connections will have some filtering in place, but should provide adequate access to useful online resources.


    Our students and community members may find the information below to be useful while connecting to the WiFi networks:

    Windows 10 device

    Android Device

    iOS or iPhone Device




                           495 POJO Drive

    Porcupine Stadium Hot Spots  
















    Springtown High - SISD/NEXTLINK

                    915 W Hwy 199

        SHS Hot Spot-Nextlink


    Springtown Middle - SISD/NEXTLINK

                       500 POJO Drive

    SMS Hot Spots    


    Springtown Intermediate - SISD/NEXTLINK

                           300 POJO Drive

    SIS Hot Spot-Nextlink


    Springtown Elementary - SISD/NEXTLINK

                               415 E. Third

    SES Hot Spot-Nextlink


    Goshen Creek Elementary - SISD/NEXTLINK

                             401 S. POJO Drive

    GCES Hot Spots    


    RENO Elementary - SISD/NEXTLINK

              172 W Reno Rd - Azle, TX

    Reno Elem. Hot Spot