Degrees and Certifications:

B.B.A. in Management, MSU Texas Class of 2016 M.B.A., MSU Texas Class of 2020 M.H.F.A., National Council for Mental Wellbeing, 2021

Mrs. McGonigle

I am a Springtown Alumna! (That's me in the porcupine suit.) I graduated with the Class of 2013.

In my years away from Springtown I completed my B.B.A. (2016) and M.B.A. (2020) at Midwestern State University. At MSU I studied business leadership, organizational behavior, organizational management, and managerial accounting (among other things--business majors are expected to study all concentrations at MSU regardless of their focus). It was here that I discovered my belief in life-long learning and constant improvement. 

I also served four years as an Admissions Counselor for Tarleton State University. My time at Tarleton overlapped with my M.B.A. studies which made for a busy lifestyle. I was balancing being on the road and visiting high schools with my advanced studies. But this helped me discover that my true career was in a high school, helping young adults discover their own career pathways. Being at Tarleton not only helped me recognize my desire to serve and lead, it gave me the opportunity to experience the business world first hand. I use this experience in my classes to give real examples on when they'll use the skills I teach in real life.

Personal Life

  • I married my high school sweetheart in 2018! Together we have three beautiful kitties named Gimli, Sven, and Maxwell. I have an older sister (who also works for Springtown ISD) and a younger brother. At one point, we all attended SHS at the same time.

    In my free time I enjoy taking playing video games, watching my husband play video games, or playing video games with my husband. I also watch a ton of cartoons because I believe animation is the greatest combination of the fine arts to grace this earth. At this point in my life, I have accepted that I am very nerdy. I love when my students and I have nerdy things in common.

    And because I know a lot of you will wonder: yes, I do enjoy Harry Potter. But you should know that I prefer Lord of the Rings. Speak friend and enter.

List of Favorites

  • Favorite 80s Movie: My Neighbor Totoro

    Harry Potter Movie: Chamber of Secrets

    Cartoon Cat: Sgt. Tibbs (101 Dalmatians)

    TV Sitcom: Frasier

    Cartoon: Scooby-Doo

    Disney Movie: Aristocats

    Monkees Song: Goin' Down

    Dinosaur: Pleurocoelus (It's the state dinosaur of Texas)

    Big Cat: Snow leopard

    Video Game: Dragon Age series

    Soap Scent: Eucalyptus