• English I Syllabus 


    Teacher: Julie Gum 

    Room: 103 

    SHS Phone Number: 817-220-3888 

    E-Mail Address: Jgum @springtownisd.net 

    Required Supplies 

    • Spiral notebook 
    • Loose notebook paper 
    • Pens/pencils 
    • A device charged and ready to be used every school day 


    • Earbuds 

    Classroom Rules 

    1. Be on Time - Be in your seat and working when the bell rings. 
    2. Be Ready to Learn - Come to class with a good attitude and stay focused. 3. Be Responsible - Bring materials and homework to class. 
    3. Be Respectful - Treat everyone with respect at all times. 
    4. Try Your Best! 

    Daily Agenda 

    When students come to class each day, they will be expected to complete the warm-up activity on Schoology. This may include journal writing, vocabulary, grammar skills, STAAR Practice, etc. This will be followed by the planned lesson for the day. The agenda will be posted online. Students should expect to work from bell to bell.

    Leaving the Classroom 

    • Students will not be allowed to leave the classroom unless it is an emergency. Students that elect to leave the classroom may be given a tardy. 

    Food and Drinks 

    • No food or drinks will be permitted in the classroom, with the exception of bottled water. 

    Cell Phone Policy 

    ❖ Cell phone will only be used for educational purposes and at the teacher’s discretion. 

    Late Assignments 

    • Per the district handbook, all assignments are due on the day listed on the assignment sheet/agenda unless for some reason I announce a change or unless you have made special arrangements with me. All assignments turned in after that date receive a deduction in grade (10 points a day up to 3 days late). I will not accept any assignments more than 3 days late. 

    Make-up Work 

    • Students who will miss class due to an extracurricular activity need to collect the work they will miss prior to their absence and return it completed the day they return to class. ● Students with an excused absence will be given the same number of days to complete maize-up work as the number of days they missed school, with the exception of ongoing projects. ● Due dates for ongoing projects will remain the same. 


    Daily grades: 50% 

    Tests: 50% 

    Projects will count as a test grade, and some quizzes may count as two daily grades. 

    ❖ Students will have three days from when a grade was entered into Skyward to redo the assignment or retake the test. When a student redoes an assignment or retakes a test, the original grade will be averaged with the first grade but will not exceed 70%.