• Springtown ISD Purchasing

    The primary function of the Purchasing Department is to meet the product and service needs of the District by:
    • Meeting all state laws and District policies in the obtainment of the best product offering the lowest cost or best value to the taxpayer and the District
    • Full opportunity for all interested vendors to bid for District business on an equal basis
    • Understanding by all bidders on the District's method of purchasing and basis of award
    • Constantly seeking to identify and implement strategies and techniques that will enhance the level of service and integrity provided by the Purchasing Department

    Texas School Law

    District contracts, except for contracts for the purchase of produce or vehicle fuel, valued at $50,000 or more in the aggregate for each 12-month period, shall be made by the method that provides the best value for the District:
    1. Competitive bidding
    2. Competitive sealed proposals
    3. Request for proposals for services other than construction services
    4. Catalog purchase as provided by Government Code Chapter 2157, Subchapter
    5. Interlocal contracts
    6. Reverse auction procedure as defined by Government Code 2155.062(d)
    7. The formation of a political subdivision corporation under Local Government Code 304.001

Purchasing Resources

  • Springtown ISD Purchasing Manual
  • SISD Procurement Card Manual (AMEX)
  • SISD Approved Vendors
  • New Vendor Packet
  • Vendors Available by Request
  • Purchasing Do's and Dont's
  • Creating a Purchase Order Training
  • Receiving a Purchase Order Training
  • Purchasing Forms
  • Admin
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