• General Class Information for: HONORS BIOLOGY


    You can contact me by e-mail: shornback@springtownisd.net


    Please use the district website to monitor school events and activities.

    The district website is; www.springtownisd.net


    Supplies Students will need the following supplies for this class.


    • Writing Utensil
    • Notebook Paper
    • Folder or Binder
    • Chromebook/Charger


    Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to


    • be in your seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings
    • bring all supplies every day
    • use appropriate language, have a positive attitude and be polite
    • behave in a mature and responsible manner
    • follow the rules set forth in the Student Code of Conduct
    • follow the instructor's directions




    • verbal warning
    • detention or discipline report (parent conference likely)
    • after detention or discipline report an office referral will be given

     *** Severe disruptions: send immediately to the office ***


    • Cell phones are not to be used in class unless instructed by the teacher for part of an activity. If you are on your phone you will receive ONE warning. If phone usage continues it will go into the phone box until the end of the period. If phone usage is still an issue, it will be taken up and given to an administrator.



    Grading Procedures

    Students will receive a minimum of nine (9) formative activity grades and a minimum of three (3) summative activity grades per six-week period.


      1. Fifty percent (50%) of a grade will be based on summative activities such as projects, summative quizzes, and tests.


      1. Fifty percent (50%) of a grade will be based on formative activities such as class work, daily assignments, and formative quizzes.


      1. Semester grades will be calculated by counting the average of the six weeks’ grades as 90% and the semester exam as 10%.




    Late Work


    Work is considered late if not turned in on the due date.  Late work will be accepted for up to three days for a max grade of a 70.  Any work not submitted within the time allotted will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.


    Make-Up Work


    • For every school day absent, the student has one school day for completion of missed assignments.


    • A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the makeup work in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified. A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.


    • It may be necessary for you to come in before, or after school, in order to make up a test or a lab.





    Reteach / Retest

    Students will be given an opportunity to re-do or re-take an assignment for which he/she receives a failing grade (below 70). The timeframe for completion of the redo or retake assignment will be 3 days from when the grade has been posted in the gradebook. The maximum grade a student may be awarded on an assignment re-do or test retake is 70. Failure to complete the prescribed intervention measure and/or meet the timeline established by the teacher will result in the student receiving the original grade awarded.


    Tutorials & Tutorial Schedule
    Any student who is failing a subject (below 70) will most likely be assigned tutorials. If a student misses the assigned tutorial due to being absent, the tutorial session should be rescheduled. If the student missed the session and was not absent, the teacher will address this as a level one behavior in the SHS Discipline Matrix. Tutorial time can also count towards attendance recovery hours for those who are in need.