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    Our district values its partnerships with families, businesses, higher education institutions and community organizations. We encourage parents, guardians, and patrons of our district to become an active part of the success in our schools by sharing your time and talent as a volunteer.

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    Why do I need to complete a background check?
    At Springtown ISD, we value the support and assistance we receive from our dedicated school volunteers. Our safety and background check requirements are not intended to hinder volunteers from helping Springtown ISD, but rather to reassure parents and staff that Springtown ISD has been diligent in screening volunteers for work with or while being around students.

    If your campus indicates you are not in the system yet but you have completed the background check, you or the campus may contact the Human Resources Department directly, at 817-220-1700, ext. 1270.

    Please do not complete the background check additional times in the same school year unless directed by the district, as this will cause duplication and will slow the approval process.

    Will this be a fast and easy process?
    This online application is quick and easy and will help us continue to ensure the safety of our students.

    • Should you apply during the first few weeks of Fall semester, please allow up to a two-week processing time.

    Which Company does Springtown ISD use for background checks?
    Springtown ISD is contracted with JD Palatine AND Raptor to provide an online volunteer application and background check for anyone wishing to volunteer in SISD schools.

    Will I still be able to visit with my student, if I have not completed?
    The status of your volunteer application does not affect your ability as a parent to visit the campus for lunch or special events using the existing Raptor sign-in process.

    Who is considered a Volunteer?
    We encourage everyone who wants to volunteer for SISD in any capacity whatsoever, to apply online and have a background check completed. This way, you will be ready to go should the situation arise where you want to volunteer.

    1. Those who are providing services while on district campuses,
    2. Parents assisting with class field trips, and/or,
    3. Anyone who has school-related interaction with students via online platforms (such as WebEx/Zoom/Google Meets).

    If you need help determining whether your activity requires a background check, you can contact the Human Resources Department at 817-220-1700.

    Will this report check my credit?
    Credit scores and credit reports are not obtained during the background check process, only criminal activity.

    What do I need to do?
    It is fairly simple. Click on the "Volunteer Application" link at the top of this page to complete the volunteer background check.

    1. Fill out all required fields (name, address, birthdate, social security number, and email address)
    2. Include any maiden or other names you have used in the past.
    3. Permission forms to read and sign by clicking the box at the bottom of each screen, agreeing to the national background check.
    4. Submit. We will process as quickly as possible.
    5. Once approved in the Raptor system, you will receive an email notification from Raptor.  
    6. A District Representative will send a confidential notification to denied requests for volunteering or with issues.
    7. If you have not received an approval email, you can reach out to the Human Resources Department, at 817-220-1700, Ext. 1270.   Please do not repeat your background check.   This will disrupt the approval process.

    A problem found during a background check may or may not be applicable to you, but the District Representative will guide you through steps to resolve it and/or you will have the option to withdraw your application altogether.

    *Approved volunteers not only consent to the criminal background check, but once cleared, volunteers also consent to having their contact information shared with SISD Principals so the applicant can be contacted to volunteer.

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