• Music
    Students in music class at SES (Mrs. McPhetrige)
                  playing on Orff instruments.
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    Music Curriculum
    Springtown ISD music teachers for grades K-5 use our music curriculum guide/scope and sequence, which is based on the "Kodaly-Orff" approach to music teaching for children.
    What is Kodaly?
    The Kodaly method is based on the methods of composer Zoltan Kodaly. The goals for this plan are to instill the love of music in every student, and to enable every student to become musically "literate."
    Key elements include singing, folk music, solfege system using hand signs, movement/dance, and stick notation.
    What is Orff?
    Orff-Schulwerk is an approach to teaching music developed by German composer, Carl Orff.  Key tools include non-pitched percussion instruments, bar instruments, singing, chanting, moving, dancing, clapping, etc.
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