District Wide Staff

    Phone:  817-523-0643

    Director of Special Education

    Kristi Westendorf

    Secretary / Records

    Amanda Bailey

    Coordinator, Evaluation and Compliance (Lead Diagnostician)

    Kristi Westendorf

    Coordinator, Special Education Instruction

    Lynsie Thompson

    Diagnostician, Springtown High School

    Candice Smith

    Diagnostician, Springtown Middle School 

    Christina Runnels

    Diagnostician, Springtown Intermediate School

    Clarissa Padron

    Diagnostician, Springtown Elementary School

    Sarah Boswell

    Diagnostician, Reno Elementary School

    Sandy Borden

    Diagnostician, Goshen Creek Elementary School

    Kathy Shallene

    Licensed Specialist in School Psychology


    Special Education Counselor (grades 5 – 12)

    Allison Hagan

    Special Education Counselor (grades K – 4)

    Pam Hamann

    Lead Speech Language Pathologist, Springtown Elementary School, Springtown Intermediate School

    Sarah (Krysty) Easter

    Speech Language Pathologist, Reno Elementary School, Springtown High School


    Speech Language Pathologist, Goshen Creek Elementary School, Springtown Middle School


    Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, Springtown Elementary School

    Natalie Cotanch

    Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, Springtown Elementary School, Springtown Intermediate School,  

    Kristi Southern

    Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, Goshen Creek Elementary School,  Springtown Middle School

    Christy Hilton

    Special Education Behavior Interventionist

    Samanatha Young

    Transition Specialist (Transition/Employment Services Designee)

    Cicily Word

    Physical Therapist & Adaptive PE   

    Superior Pediatric Care - Kayla Ritchey

    Occupational Therapist & Adaptive PE

    Superior Pediatric Care – Julia Reddout

    COTA & Adaptive PE 

    Superior Pediatric Care - James Montoya

    Music Therapist

    Wildflower Music Therapy - Julia Sims

    Vision Impairment Teacher / O&M Specialist

    Douglas Rogers

    Auditory Impairment Teacher

    Brazos River RDSPD - Christy Fugit / Mandy Lashbrook