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                      Online Work Order System
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    What is School Dude?

    School Dude is a web based online work order system designed to manage both Maintenance and Technology based work requests.


    How does it work?

    Work Orders are submitted online with a brief form and questionnaire, and then routed accordingly.


                If you have used this system before, use the instructions below. If you have not used SchoolDude yet,             please complete the registration page with your school email. 

    1. Click on the link to the “My School Building” website.
    2. Select "Forgot Password" at the top of the page.
    3. Enter your school email address and select submit.
    4. The screen will now say"'Your email is on the way! Check  your email for instructions on how to reset your password."(It could go to your spam folder so if you do not see it, check there.)
    5. Open the email, click on the link it provides, enter a password, confirm the password and select Reset Password.
    6. Go back to your original screen and enter your email address and your new password then select Sign In.
    7. It will now take you to the screen you are used to seeing before the change and you can enter work orders the same way you did before.
             You will now be required to login with a password each time you submit a work order. Everything else           has remained the same including the organization number which is below. 

    The organization # is 666628682


                Steps to Submitting your Request


    Step 1

    Make sure that it is your name and email address indicated in the boxes.


    Step 2

    Indicate your location by clicking the drop down arrow and selecting the campus.  You will also need to indicate your room number.


    Step 3

    Click on the problem type that best describes the problem you are experiencing.


    Step 4

    Give a brief description of the problem. Also, any information such as error messages or history of the problem would be helpful.


    Step 5

    This is a brief questionnaire to help diagnose the problem type.  Each question does require an answer before you will be able to submit the order.


    Step 6

    This step is available if you would like to attach error messages or screen shots to help better describe your problem type.


    Step 7

    You will enter the submittal password of POJO.


    Step 8

    Click Submit

                                            Springtown ISD Technology Department
                                                          310 East 5th Terrace
                                                              817 220-2565