I am Mrs.Kennedy and I teach 6th grade Science.  My degree is in Animal Science which I received at Abilene Christian University. My first job was a zoo keeper at the San Antonio Zoo where I took care of rhinos, lions, cheetahs, tigers and various other animals. 
    I wanted to travel to see the animals I worked with in the wild so I became a teacher to travel in the summer.  I have been able to visit Kenya, Africa, Bangkok, Thailand, and various other zoos and animal refuges. Traveling has given me the opportunity to bring those adventures into the classroom for my students.
    I am involved in the UNT Science Collaborative and have been able to present at CAST and go to many, many workshops in Texas. 
    I enjoy teaching 6th grade because it is all new curriculum and I get the opportunity to introduce the new ideas that will be tested in 8th grade science.