•         The Springtown Elementary campus is comprised of Pre-K through Fourth grades.  The Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second graders are housed in the Hinkle Building with the Third and Fourth graders are in the Lipstreu Building. 

             In order to meet the unique and individual needs of all students, teachers at Springtown Elementary use the following instructional methodologies:  direct instruction, cooperative learning, integrated reading, phonics, hands-on learning, computerized instruction, discovery learning, and more.  Special emphasis is placed on higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving techniques. 

            There are a variety of programs used at Springtown Elementary to enhance the regular classroom setting.  They include: counseling, gifted and talented, dyslexia, School-wide Title I, English as a Second Language (ESL), Speech, Inclusion, parent volunteers, and a computer lab. A variety of tutorials are also offered to students who are struggling academically. 

              During the school year students will be involved in several challenging activities including charity fundraisers coordinated by the physical education department, musical presentations, and UIL academic meets.

              Springtown Elementary recognizes individual students for Accelerated Reader, Perfect Attendance, A and B Honor Roll, and the SPARK Award from each classroom, which is in conjunction with the Texas Character Education Programs.

              Springtown Elementary believes education is a partnership between educators and the families of the students we educate.