Welcome to Renaissance Place

    Students can only access the testing portions (AR, AM,  and STAR)
    of this site during school days while in our school building.  They will be able to practice their math facts in MFF (Math Facts in a Flash) at home.

    You can search for tests that your child had taken from any place at any time.

    Parents can use the Home Connect link to see their child's progress in AR, AM, and MFF.

    Renaissance Place is the central place for many computerized testing programs in our school. The most popular and well known among those programs goes simply by the initials: AR.

    AR, of course, stands for our reading comprehension program, Accelerated Reader. Other programs in Renaissance Place include Accelerated Math and Math Facts in a Flash.

    Students and teachers will log onto Renassainace Place to locate quiz information and take quizzes from any  computer in the school building. Our district has subscribed to the online version of Renassainace Place, we are  providing our students with access to over 100,000 AR quizzes as well as Vocabulary and Literacy Skills tests, Math practice and quizzes, and Math Facts practice and quizzes.

    Home Connect is an additional feature that improves our home-school connection. To view your child's Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, Math Facts in a Flash progress; log on with your child's AR username and password. Once logged in, you can follow your child's progress in AR, AM, and MFF, as well as assist him in choosing quizzes for AR titles read from our school media center, the public library, or your own personal library by using the AR Book Finder. Additionally, by signing up for e-mail notification, you  have the option to receive a notice whenever your child has completed an Accelerated Reader or Vocabulary Practice quiz, Accelerated Math practice or quiz, and Math Facts in a Flash practices.


     Home Connect

    AR BookFinder