• Springtown Elementary
    Physical Education Rules and Guidelines 



    1.  To improve our physical fitness and understand the importance of being physically fit
    2. Promote good health, wellness, and health practices for each child
    3.  Learn to work together and perform as a team
    4.  Promote sportsmanship and a positive attitude
    5.  Experience a wide variety of activities
    6.  Provide a safe environment for all students to enjoy physical education 

    1.  Come to learn

    2.  Try your best

    3.  Be a great friend 

    4.  Have Fun!


    1.  Enter and exit the gym quietly 

    2.  Follow the rules of the game

    3.  Keep hands and feet to yourself

    4.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on

    5.  Stop on the whistle; listen for instructions

    6.  Respect equipment

    7.  Ask adult for permission to leave the gym (restroom, nurse, etc.)

    8.  Wear appropriate clothing 

    1st   consequence  -  Verbal warning

    2nd  consequence  -  Sit out for 2-5 minutes

    3rd  consequence  -  Alternative fitness activity instead of game

    4th  consequence  -  Send to office; call parents 

    1.  A note must be sent with the student if he/she should not participate in PE  
    2.  If student will be out for three or more days, please include a doctor's note
    Academic Grade/Weekly Grade: 
    Students will be assessed based on mastery of TEKS in Physical Education. 
    Citizenship Grade:  The Citizenship grade will be given at the end of each nine weeks and will be based on the student's behavior and participation in PE. 
    1.  Participation   
    2.  Attitude/Sportsmanship
    3.  Fighting 
    4.  Inappropriate language or gestures 
    5.  Doing something on purpose to harm self or others 
    6.  Disrespect 
    7.  Hands and feet to self 
    8.  Appropriate shoes




    1.  Tennis shoes are required; shoes must have a non-marking sole and cover  

         entire foot

    2.  If sandals, open toes, open back shoes, high heel shoes, cleats, boots, flip flops, roller shoes, dress shoes, or leather    soled boots are worn to school, the student must bring appropriate shoes to change into before PE

    3.  Shoelaces must be laced snugly and tied on top of the shoe

    4.  Girls must have shorts underneath their dresses or skirts 

    *Make sure your child wears TENNIS SHOES to PE every day.  If your child wears anything other than tennis shoes, he/she will walk during class instead of participating in PE activities.  This is for safety, comfort, and full participation in class.  
    By following these guidelines we will have positive, successful, and productive physical education experiences.  



    Coach Pennington

    Physical Education Teacher