Hi! I am Ms. Mary Villari and I teach two K-4 programs: students with Dyslexia and students that have been identified as Gifted or Talented with the SES  since the academic year 2012-13.  I have a Dual Certification from New Mexico Highlands University (May 1993) in Elementary Education, Grades 1-8 and  Special Education, Grades 1-12, as well as English as a Second Language for Grades 1-12, and Creative Dramatics for Grades 1-8 (May 1996).  The latter training I received as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting with a background in Dance as well during my studies at UT Austin in the mid 1980s.  I didn't finish that degree due to tragedy in my family.
    Even though, I have been teaching the GT/Dyslexia programs at SES for the past 6 years, I have been in the regular classroom as a 3rd (2010-11) and a 4th grade (2011-12) educator as well as for 12 years (1996-2008) at the middle school level teaching grades 6-8 GT/Non GT English Language Arts, GT/Non GT Reading and Theater Arts in Las Vegas City Schools, NM and Eagle Mtn-Saginaw ISD.  However, I began my first three years of teaching as a Special Educator in Irving ISD working with elementary students with learning disabilities with Dyslexia as well as Inclusion, the very first year I worked at SES in 2009-2010.  This Fall 2018 will begin my 25th year of teaching and I still am very excited everyday to work with my students.