• History of the PORCUPINE...and SCHOOL COLORS...

    The Porcupine was selected as the Springtown school mascot in the middle '20s.  The basketball team always worked out on an outdoor court after school. Early in the season of 1924, '25 or '26 the coach, Paul Montgomery suggested the team skip workout the next afternoon, go indoors in order to choose a mascot for the team. 

    The following afternoon 10 or 15 ball players and Coach Montgomery met in a classroom. Several suggestions were made for a team mascot.  C.M. (Snake) Hutcheson suggested the Porcupine.  When asked "Why a porcupine?", Snake replied, "No one wants to get near a porcupine, because they don't want to become a target for quills".  The suggested names were voted on, the majority chose the Porcupine as the mascot and the porcupines have been scaring teams with their quills ever since!

    The colors of orange and black were chosen as the Springtown colors in the middle 1920s (1924, '25, '26).  The school building, at that time, was located at the present-day site of Watson Elementary's north parking lot.  First grade through high school met in that building.  Homeroom was a time to conduct school business and make announcements.  The Superintendent, Mr. Terry, suggested that was a good time of day to choose the school colors.  The student body suggested several different colors including orange and black.  A vote was taken and orange and black won its first victory.


    Springtown Porcupine