• Welcome to Mrs.Aaron's 4th Grade Class
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    • Homework will be sent home Monday - Thursday. It will be math, 20 minutes of reading, and studying for the spelling test on Friday.

     Springtown ISD grading Policy states: A student shall be permitted a reasonable opportunity to redo an assignment or retake a test (excluding semester exams) which the student receives a failing grade. The student or parent must request this opportunity in writing to redo and assignment or retake a test within three days after the original grade is posted in Skyward. After the request has been made, the teacher will select the date, time, and method for the student to redo the assignment or retake the test. Once a student redoes an assignment or retakes a test, the original grade will be averaged with the redone/retaken grade for the final grade on the assignment or test, not to exceed a grade of 70%.