• Ways to Help My Child

    1.  Make school a first priority for your child.
    2.  Read, Read, Read with your child.
    3.  Talk to your child using adult vocabulary and correct grammar.
    4.  Do homework nightly.
    5.  Stress the importance of doing his/her best.
    6.  Encourage your child to have play time!
    7.  Help your child get a good night's rest.
    8.  Talk to your child about his/her day.
    9.  Keep in contact with the teacher.
    10.  If possible, allow your child to play educational games on the computer.
    11.  Find reasons to praise your child daily.
    12.  Be consistent with your child.
    13.  Let them see you fail gracefully.  It will help your child when he/she fails.
    14.  Give him/her a hug nightly and remind them that they are truly loved.
    15.  Take care of yourself!