Grading Policy
     Your child will receive a graded paper folder every Monday.  (Tuesdays, if a holiday falls on Monday.)  The papers in the back will have a check mark.  The ones in the front with an actual number grade are the papers recorded for report card grades.  If your child fails a recorded graded paper, they have the opportunity to raise that grade to a 70 by reworking and returning that paper in a timely manner- one or two days.  
         When you have reviewed your child's graded paper folder, please sign it and send it back the next day.  If any papers are to be reworked for credit, I will let the students know they are to turn those papers in directly to me.  Otherwise, remove all the papers from the folder.
         If you have any questions about weekly grades or 3-week progress reports, let me know as soon as possible.