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    Joann Reyna, Anna Theisen and/or Tammy Young are happy to assist you upon your arrival.  We are limiting visitors, in order to do so, the following guidelines have been put in place:

    Entering School -

    • Students that do not eat a cafeteria lunch will need to bring a bag lunch from home.
    • Visitors will not be able to have breakfast or lunch with his/her child.
    • Refrain from picking up your child early from school unless it is an emergency situation and/or an appointment.
    • Parents will not be able to walk their child to their classroom, including the first day of school.

    Leaving School - Students may not leave school or go off campus at any time during the school day unless a parent or guardian checks them out in the office.  A valid driver's license is required to check students out through our Positive Proof Program. Once Positive Proof Check Out is complete the student will be released from class to their parent or guardian.  For security and safety reasons, no child will be dismissed from the classroom without proper notification from the office.

    Withdrawing From School - A parent who is withdrawing a student from school should report to the office at the beginning of the school day. The teacher will check in books and issue a report card and book card. Library books and fines must be cleared prior to withdrawal. The report card and vaccination record are necessary for enrollment at another school. Other records will be written for by the next school entered.

    We look forward to seeing you when you arrive here at Reno Elementary.  You can reach us at 817/221-5001 or email as follows:  Joann - jreyna@springtownisd.net - Anna  atheisen@springtownisd.net    Tammy - tyoung@springtownisd.net 
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