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    Jennifer Hughes

    Conference 8:00-9:00 (MWF)


    Nominations for grades K-12, students may be nominated

    for the gifted/talented program at any time by

    teachers, counselors, parents, or other interested persons. 


    Screening for nominated students in grades 1-12 shall occur

    in the fall (beginning in October) and the spring (beginning in February).

    Screening for nominated students in kindergarten shall occur

    during midyear (beginning in December).


    Students may be nominated only once during each school year.


    The Springtown Olympus-Gifted program will strive to:


    · provide an educational program that will develop the student’s academic, social, emotional, and creative capabilities

    · foster the student’s strengths and unique special talents as productive life long learners

    · promote experiences that intensify learning so that students are better prepared to increase student achievement through the acquisition of enhanced thinking and problem solving skills

    · encourage academic acceleration of able students through innovative teaching strategies focusing on the infusion of critical thinking skills

    · foster an understanding of self and others in a multicultural society

    · develop technologically based research skills that will further enhance creative thinking skills