• --These are a few things that parents can watch for when their child is reading!
    Did the student seem to recognize phrases?
    Were there many pauses while reading?
    Were the pauses lengthy?  (longer than 5 seconds)
    Did the errors made by the student make sense or sound right?
    Did the student attempt to correct their mistakes?
    Did the student skip words?
    Did the student substitute words for the correct words?
    Did the student leave off the "s" at the end of some plural words?
    Did the student read the words in the correct order?
    Did the student use clues to identify words and get meaning from the text?
    Did the student make an attempt to read difficult words before asking for help?
    How was the student's fluency?
    Did the student just word-call?
    Reinforce and praise proper reading techniques. 
    Ask the student questions about what they read.