Procedures for Reconciling Monthly P-Card to American Express Monthly Statement


    1.     Navigateto www.americanexpress.com

    2.      Enter you’re the username and password that you chose during your P-card registration

    3.      Click Statement Balance

    4.      Click Print

    a.      Choose All Transactions

    b.     Do not place a checkmark in Show All Details

    5.       At this point, a .pdf file will be created.  You may either open the file or save it to your computer.  The pdf statement document will be titled “Transaction Details”

    6.      Use this statement to reconcile with your AMEX P-Card Reconciliation Form.  You may pull this statement from AMEX at any time during the month. Ensure that all of the statement transactions match your P-Card reconciliation line items and that you have an ITEMIZED receipt for each transaction.  Credit Card receipts are not itemized receipts!

    7.      Reconciliation should be done on the 28thof the month (the statement date) or as soon as possible.

    8.      After reconciliation, enter a purchase requisition into Aptafund. 

    a.      Vendor will be American Express P-Card

    b.     Change the PR type to Dollar

    c.      Enter the last 5 digits of your card number and the account name in the Department Field

    d.     Each line item description on the requisition MUST include the name of the vendor where the transaction took place and ad escription of the expense.

                                                                 i.     If any items are coded to a Fund other than 199 or 240,you will need to send the requisition number to Director of Special Programs, Toni Farmer, for coding and approval.

    9.       Submit this requisition and attach a copy of your P-Card Reconciliation Form, a copy of your statement, and all original receipts to your statement and send to the Business Department no later than the 5th of the month following the statement date.

    10.  Reminder--The purchasing card may only be used to purchase items that are included in a currently approved budget line item.

    11.  Deviation from ANY of the above procedures will result in IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION and DEACTIVATION of the related American Express PCard.
    12.  Contact the Business Office with any questions or clarification of procedures.