Springtown ISD Child Nutrition
    301 East 5th Street, Springtown, Texas 76082 (Mailing Address)
    212 Avenue D, Springtown, Texas 76082 (Physical Address )
    817-220-2460 (office)
    817-220-2616 (fax) 
     Administrative Office Personnel
    Kimberly Nash        Director of Child Nutrition           knash@springtownisd.net
    Kelly Hicks             Secretary of Child Nutrition         khicks@springtownisd.net
    Cindy Fouts            Warehouse Coordinator                cfouts@springtownisd.net
    Cafeteria Managers
    Connie Bradley                         Springtown High School       817-523-5297               cbradley@springtownisd.net
    Allison Meason                         Springtown Middle School    817-523-2074              ameason@springtownisd.net
    Debbie Mayhew                        Springtown Intermediate       817-523-4552              dmayhew@springtownisd.net
    Myra Harrell                              Springtown Elementary         817-220-2467              mharrell@springtownisd.net
    Clendia Quirarte                        Reno Elementary                    817-677-1216              cquirarte@springtownisd.net 
    Brenda Ryken                            Goshen Elementary                817-220-0394              bryken@springtownisd.net