• Click here to see the Chemistry Year at a Glance                   
    An online copy of the chemistry textbook can be found at my.hrw.com  
    Students have been assigned a username and password (case sensitive).  If you have forgotten this information, please see me before/after school to get this code again.
      Extra Credit Opportunities:
    Students may watch a chemistry video from any of the following YouTube channels (any other videos must be approved by me before watching them) and take a good, handwritten, legible set of notes over the material covered.
    To receive maximum benefit from this opportunity, choose a video that is related to topics discussed/learned in class. Use the "Year at a Glance" posted above to help you determine appropriate topics. This provides tutorials or review of information which they will soon be tested over.
    When a student produces a set of good notes to me, I will allow them +10 bonus points which I will log into my "Bonus Points" Logbook.  Points must be accrued before needing them.  Students just need to let me know when they want to utilize saved points.
    Students can add up to 10 bonus points on each assignment, quiz or test.  Students who do this for every grade entered in the grade book have an opportunity to raise their average by 10 points each six weeks.
    If you have any questions about my Bonus Point opportunities, please email me or ask me in class.  The URL and title of the video watched, as well as the student's name, must be on the paper to receive bonus point credit.
    These YouTube Channels provide great review information and are approved for bonus points: 
    Click here to see videos by Tyler Dewitt. 
    Click here to see videos by Bozeman Science.
    Click here to see videos by CrashCourse Chemistry. 
    Click here to see videos by Khan Academy (These are rather advanced).