• Its Not Just Play!

     Your child might say that s/he has been playing at school all day but, this is what s/he is actually learning.


    Math and Science Center

      In the math and science center, your child will:

    ·     Learn to solve problems
    ·     Have an opportunity to make choices
    ·     Enjoy conversations with other children
    ·     Develop coordination with fine motor skills
    ·     Form mathematical and spatial concepts
    ·     Share materials and take turns
    ·     Work independently
    ·     Enjoy a sense of achievement

     Block Center

    In the block center, your child will:

    ·        Have an opportunity to use large and small muscles
    ·        Learn to use his or her own ideas and make decisions
    ·        Select from and compare blocks of various sizes and shapes
    ·        Enjoy conversations with other children
    ·        Learn about gravity, ramps and other physical science attributes
    ·        Begin to recognize the rights of others
    ·        Return materials to the appropriate place

      Dramatic Play Center

    In the dramatic play center, your child will:
    ·        Develop fine and large motor coordination
    ·        Role play real life situations and home experiences
    ·        Have an opportunity to share materials, take turns, and cooperate with other children
    ·        Develop his or her imagination
    ·        Strengthen thinking and reasoning skills
    ·        Support and help others
    ·        Reveal his or her thoughts and attitudes during role play and conversations
    ·        Learn to put materials away when finished with them

      Art Center

     In the art center, your child will:

     ·      Have an opportunity to release emotional frustrations and tensions, focusing on the process rather than the        

    ·     Experience creative ways of using materials
    ·     Enjoy sensory experiences through squeezing, pounding, painting, and cutting art materials
    ·      Have opportunities to plan and think for him or her self
    ·     Experiment with color, shape, form, texture, and lines
    ·     Learn responsibility for caring for and cleaning up materials
    ·     Find new ways to share school experiences with family members

    Library Center

     In the library center, your child will:

    ·     Learn concepts about print
    ·     Practice using books appropriately
    ·     Enjoy looking at books
    ·     Increase his or her attention or interest span
    ·     Develop new concepts and add to previous experiences
    ·     Increase his or her vocabulary
    ·     Focus on visual activities
    ·     Gain new ideas and interests
    ·     Take responsibility for the care of books
    Computer Center

     In the computer center, your child will:

    ·      Acquire pre-academic skills including knowledge about letters, numbers, shapes, same/different, and one to one correspondence

    ·     Learn basic computer literacy skills
    ·     Observe, experiment, explore
    ·     Experience cause and effect
    ·     Be exposed to concrete and playful learning and respond to real life situations in a non-threatening and constructive manner
    ·     Enjoy using computer technology
    ·     Use technology equipment in a safe and careful way
     Writing Center
     In the writing center, the child will:
    ·     Learn to think of him or herself as a writer
    ·     Begin to understand that printed words express thoughts
    ·     Choose how to express ideas in written form
    ·     Understand how speaking and writing are related
    ·     Manipulate various writing tools and materials
    ·     Choose an idea or thought to express
    ·     Gain an appreciation of writing of others
    ·     Discover that writing is an effective communication tool

     Sensory Center

    In the sensory center, the child will:
    ·     Extend mathematical and scientific concepts
    ·     Measure, weigh, and manipulate materials
    ·     Integrate cognitive, fine motor and large motor skills
    ·     Gain experiences with cause and effect
    ·     Enjoy the tactile stimulation of the materials
    ·     Enjoy conversations with other children
    ·     Wait for a turn and share materials
    ·     Learn rules of safety