• Environmental Systems

    Environmental Systems is a course designed to introduce students to major ecological concepts and the environmental issues that affect the world in which we live. This senior level science class reviews many topics from biology, chemistry, and physics. Students will be participating in lab activities, projects, research, and etc…

    Course Overview

    Unit 1- Introduction to Environmental Science

    Unit 2- Ecology

    Unit 3- Populations

    Unit 4- Water, Air, and Land

    Unit 5- Mineral and Energy Resources

    Unit 6- Our Health and Our Future

    Class Rules

    1.   Follow directions first time given; ask for help by raising your hand if you do not understand the directions

    2.   Be respectful to others and property

    3.   Be safe especially during lab activities

    4.   Work quietly

    5.   Rules in the Springtown High School Student Handbook will be followed!


    3 Ring Binder with notebook paper And Pen/Pencil


    50% Daily

    50% Tests, projects

    Contact information

    I am available BEFORE SCHOOL BY APPOINTMENT should you need tutorials, make up work, or other concerns about the course. I can be reached at sgideon@springtownisd.net.