Art I, II, III, IV 
    Room: 304 
    Conference Period: 2nd Period 
    School Phone: (817) 220-3888 
       Email: ksupercinski@springtownisd.net

    Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at any time or to schedule an appointment during my conference period. If the students have a free period and would like to come work on any projects or assignments during my conference period, they are to let me know ahead of time and I will be sure to accommodate them as best as possible. I am more than willing to help you in any way that I can.

    Classroom policies (materials, assignments, due dates, etc.), excluding the policies set forth by Springtown Independent School District, are subject to change at any time. I will do my best to inform you of any changes or modifications in a timely manner. 



    ArtTalk by Rosalind Ragans (Glencoe 4th Edition) will be the textbook we use during this class. I will have a class set provided for you to use during class.


    These rules and procedures are put in place to create and ensure a positive environment/atmosphere in the classroom.

    Procedures For Entering The Classroom:


    • ·         Students are NOT to linger in the halls – Please come into class and take your seats
    • ·         Students are to get out any necessary materials and supplies needed for that day
    • ·         Either continue working on the current assignment/project OR wait for instruction


    If you are late…

    ·         Please do NOT disrupt class with your entrance. Simply put any notes or passes you have on my desk and take your seat and get situated to join the rest of the class. I or another student will fill you in on any information that was missed in you absence.

             Please come to class prepared with all materials and assignments needed that day. There will be minimal allowance to leave in order to get any forgotten materials or assignments.

    If you are absent…


    • ·         It is your responsibility to make up and assignments in a timely manner when you return.
    • ·         If you have not already contacted me regarding any missed assignments or classwork, please see me after class to do so.
    • ·         If you are aware of a future absence (doctor appointment, dentist, etc.) you may ask me ahead of time for the assignments of that day.


    Procedures For The End Of Class/Dismissal:


    • ·         Work until I give instructions to begin putting away materials/supplies.
    • ·         Pay attention to any last minute announcements or information from me
    • ·         Remember, I dismiss the class, NOT the bell!


    Other Classroom Rules & Expectations

             Respect each student’s right to learn and the teacher’s right to teach.

             Respect other students’ person and property.

             Listen to what others are saying. Class discussion and critique are essential during this course and will be graded. I will not tolerate any ridicule or degradation.

             Make an honest attempt to cooperate and participate in all activities. I understand not everyone thinks that they will be able to create a masterpiece, but put forth an honest effort and you will do great.

             Whenever I am absent and a substitute is taking my place during class, they are in charge. I will be receiving feedback from the substitute on how class went while I was away.  I ask that you please treat them with respect and be on your best behavior at all times!